The comprehensive system for managing your car pools

  • Fast access via the Internet, easy handling from any computer
  • Direct control of all processes connected to your fleet
  • Statistical analysis and mature interfaces

For Your Drivers
Reserving Vehicles — Easily Done

Your drivers can access the vehicles quickly and easily via the EBuS web interface or the native app (Android and iOS). You decide which vehicles or vehicle groups or locations are available to which individual driver or department.

How it works: Once the driver has selected the vehicle criteria, EBuS finds the optimum vehicle and confirms the reservation on the screen or smartphone, by e-mail or SMS. If the optimum vehicle is not available, our software proposes alternatives based on rules you define.

The vehicles are selected using a georeferencing process. This way the vehicles closest to the driver's position are proposed for reservation first. A quick glance at the displayed map makes it easy for your drivers to find the required vehicle. However, web access or native app is not always required: Vehicles can also be booked by telephone or at the vehicle itself (instant access).
Web-based reservation of vehicles
Native app for Android and iOS

For Your Backoffice
Everything Under Control


Vehicles, drivers, locations, journeys - easy to control with EBuS.

In addition to the basic functions, EBuS also has an integrated task manager which facilitates management of the fleet on a day-to-day basis. If a driver is delayed, if a car breaks down or if a complaint is submitted: this can all be recorded, processed and linked to other EBuS data in the task manager. There is always exactly one responsible person for each task at any time to ensure that all tasks are processed and nothing gets lost. Every employee can select and process tasks via a variety of search filters. On request, the responsible person is informed about changes to the tasks.


Thanks to its extensive yet clear dialogues, EBuS is extremely user-friendly, efficient and easy to use. Also, you can design a large number of input screens yourself, thereby adapting the system to your own individual work processes.


All of our specialists can be reached directly during office hours. We also have an emergency hotline that is available round the clock.

Configure e-mail newsletter

Screen for editing vehicle data

or Your Company
The Right Solution

EBuS reflects all activities that occur in your vehicle fleet. Particular strengths of our IT solution:
  • open: EBuS is based on mature, inexpensive and widely-used open source products. We keep our system open in many directions. Data can be imported and exported in a large number of formats.
  • flexible: EBuS  is highly customisable. In addition to the step-by-step combination of different modules, you can also design dialogues and adapt these to meet your own workflow.
  • secure: EBuS  stores your data securely on a central server. Whether you are in the office or on the go: You can access your data whenever you want to! We take care to ensure maximum availability and reliable data backup.
Do you miss certain functions or do you want to generate specific queries or reports at short notice? Using the script languages Jython and Groovy, you can integrate your own scripts both client-side and server-side. It is also possible to create your own assistant for special tasks or to add specific automatisms to self-defined dialogues. Integrating new functions in the program is that easy!

Licences | System Requirements
Hop Aboard...

We offer you an ASP solution: This means we do not only develop, maintain and support EBuS; we also take care of server operation and data backup.

The ASP licence comprises:
  • EBuS with the selected modules,
  • Data storage on one of our servers,
  • Web-Interface with customisable design,
  • Support and maintenance,
  • Unlimited number of users.
System Requirements:
  • MS-Windows (Windows 7 or newer),
  • MAC OS X (64-Bit-Intel-Processor) or
  • Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSuse etc.)
  • Internet Connection
  • Java 7/8 runtime environment (free-of-charge)
  • Browser (Firefox. Chrome, Edge etc.)