Demonstration Videos

In this section we offer several demonstration videos showing certain operations, customer interfaces and workflows in the EBuS system. To view them you need Flash and at minimum 1.5 MBit/s bandwidth. The following videos are available:
  • Discover the EBuS Web Interface. In few steps your customers can reserve a vehicle, change existing reservations, define location and vehicle filters and view last trips and invoices. Certainly you may customise nearly all visual elements of the EBuS Web Interface.
EWI2 - EBuS Web Interface
    • Based on the JQueryMobile framework this application provides a great range of functions for your customers, however it is lucid and can be managed intuitively. With the help of the available GPS position and the integrated Station Finder you can easily search for desired vehicles nearby. Certainly you may customise nearly all visual elements of the application.
EWA - EBuS Web Application
    • Search and export bookings. The demonstration shows how to search bookings by different criteria and how to export the resulting lists into CSV files.
Search and export bookings in EBuS
    • Bill trips and create invoices. You get an overview on the invoicing process, from preparing the trips and creating the invoice items to sending the invoices to the customer.
Bill trips and create invoices