Access Systems

Perfect Interaction

lectronic access systems control the central locking systems and the immobilizer. This allows you to reliably control the use of the vehicles. Also, you record time and mileage - facilitating usage-dependent and almost operator-free billing of the journeys. EBuS controls the on-board computer electronically and ensures smooth data exchange between the server and the vehicle.
  • Convadis: Our partner in Switzerland delivers a new sturdy car computer generation, and is a reputed hardware supplier throughout Europe.
  • Invers:  Our partner Invers and its access system is well-known in Germany and also internationally. Invers also offers electronic key holder strong boxes, which are installed outside the vehicles, for car parks containing lots of vehicles.

Our partners:

The systems from Convadis and Invers are used by many fleet operators in combination. EBuS communicates with both systems. This means you can mix both access systems within your own car pool without restriction. The integration of systems from other suppliers is also possible. We will help you introduce the access systems and remain your contact partner - you'll get support from one source.