Open-Source Projects

The development of the cantamen products is heavily based on Open Source software projects, for example the Eclipse IDE or Java class libraries for chart or PDF document creation.

dditionally, our development division creates quite some base libraries and tools during the development process. We are publishing these as Open Source packages. In this area of our website you find information about these packages and links for downloading. If you want to use these libraries and tools, please obey the licenses. Normally, we use GPL and LGPL.

Open-Source software by cantamen

  • HelpSetMaker manages maintenance of online help information. It takes care of the document tree and allows editing of each file with a very simple descriptive language. HelpSetMaker creates HTML files or JavaHelp HelpSets.
  • The Internationalisierung-Editor I18NEdit manages hierachies of localized text bundles according to the Java ResourceBundle system. An additional PHP class makes these property bundles available to PHP system, e.g. this very website and all of our programs.
  • The QJCC class library is a comprehensive collection of java classes. It is used in all our projects, especially in the EBuS-System.