More than 15 years of experience in the sector

Our software was applied for the first time more than 15 years ago. Since then, it has been extended and improved continuosly. This is a short overview on milestones of our software EBuS and our company cantamen

1997    Development and first release of  EBuS in Hanover und Karlsruhe by Dirk Hillbrecht

1999    First webbooking in Hanover in cooperation with the local linked transport system

1999    Invers is the first access system to be connected to EBuS

2002    EBuS Web Interface (EWI1) becomes the first officially available webbooking platform

2003    Foundation of cantamen GmbH

2005    EBuS is extended by the billing module

2006    Second access system is integrated: Convadis

2008    The billing module is extended by Credit Control

2010    EWI2 becomes the new webbooking platform

2010    Setup of our booking service call center (for Germany)

2012    EBuS Web Application (EWA) for bookings via smartphones is introduced

2012    Implementation of Free Floating (EISS)

2013    First setup of the EBuS Webclient for administrative use

2013    Introduction of the SEPA direct debit system

2014    New Reporting generation: complete revision and extension of EBuS statistics module

2016    Release of the first native App for Android and iOS

2016    presentation of our new EBuS logo